Missing Teeth, Adult Braces & Implants

About 8 years ago, I had to have two of my bottom molars extracted. It was a traumatic and rather awful event and not one that I ever want to go through again! At the time, my dentist told me that there was nothing more to be done, that I would learn to live with the gaps in my mouth and I should just carry on with life as normal.
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Managing our budget and Five Family Meals

After two or three months of struggling to make our food budget work, Phil and I decided to take an in depth look at what we were spending our money on and how we could manage things a little better. We know that we have a healthy budget and so it didn’t make sense that we were constantly scraping our pennies together and still feeling like there was never any food in the house.
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Building Character

The first term of the school year is always one that is so full of decisions. Extra murals both in and out of school being one them. I’m sure all schools are the same now that most extra-murals are out-sourced. Tai will come home with a backpack full of brochures and enrolment forms which I will then sit with, explore, discuss and decide on whether any of them catch our interest or will benefit her in a particular way. There is a lot of thought that goes into it really. I want what is best for my children, I want them to explore new things and I want them to excel in what they are doing… as most moms do.
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1 Kid, 2 Kids, 3 Kids Or More

Many people want to know whether the Richards family is now complete… in truth, we dont know…

When Phil and I first met, he wanted to have eight children…EIGHT!!! By the time we got married, that number was down to four. And then, while we were expecting Keatynn, we decided that life would be very simple and much easier if we just stuck to having our two girls. The thought of being pregnant again while in my third trimester of pregnancy was just too much to bare.
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