Building Character

The first term of the school year is always one that is so full of decisions. Extra murals both in and out of school being one them. I’m sure all schools are the same now that most extra-murals are out-sourced. Tai will come home with a backpack full of brochures and enrolment forms which I will then sit with, explore, discuss and decide on whether any of them catch our interest or will benefit her in a particular way. There is a lot of thought that goes into it really. I want what is best for my children, I want them to explore new things and I want them to excel in what they are doing… as most moms do.

Tai’s ‘thing’ at the moment is ballet, and so it has become my thing too. I get way too excited about everything pink and ballet related. When Tai started ballet, we went shopping for the appropriate attire, we changed our schedules, we made it work. We took time out so that Tailei could attend ballet. And I’m so glad we did, because she absolutely loves it, she is making new friends and I believe that ballet is training her in many ways other than dance.


Now, all of this thought, preparation, time and energy that was going into ballet got me thinking. Thinking about the amount of resources that we so easily put into helping our children to excel, to learn new skills and to be the best that they can be (whether that be on the sports field, on stage, academically etc). And I am in no way saying that doing this is wrong. The way that our children excel in what they do can honour God all the same. It just led me to consider whether I was putting the same amount of time, thought, energy and resources into my day-to-day parenting. Am I growing my children up to be fine, upstanding, honest, God-fearing adults. Am I putting the same amount or more effort into moulding good behaviour, in teaching them to be respectful, into building their character and into teaching and showing them Christ’s LOVE? Because that sure takes energy and consistency and a whole lot of being intentional about something. Every . Single . Day.

To me, it is so much more important that my children are beautifully minded and spirited in what they do and how they handle situations than what they achieve at school, in sports or in the job that they will one day have. It is more important that my children are kind to others, that they practice humility, that they are obedient and that they respect those older than themselves. It is important for me to realise that I am raising these girls who will one day be adults… and what kind of adults will they be? I’m sure that at the heart of it, this is true for most parents. But it is also so easy to let it slip, it is a gruelling thing to practice. It takes time, energy consistency and a whole lot of our resources. But I KNOW that it will be so so worth it! We can’t give-up on our kids, we cant allow them to have nothing but medals and scrolls to show for their childhood. They deserve more.

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