A Prescribed Pregnancy : our fertility journey continues

Warning: this post contains details of a personal nature


Yesterday, after having some concerns over the last couple of months, I took myself off to my gynae for an earlier-than-normal check-up.

The Verdict: endometriosis under my caesar scar

Now don’t freak out – this generally only happens in women who have a history of endometriosis and the risk associated with a caesarian section is minimal (thats me). ¬†At the moment, this little ‘pocket’ of mine is only 10mm big and not too much of a concern. It is causing no pain or discomfort from a physical point of view. It could grow and become more of a problem, but for now It is simply getting in the way of everyday life. Because bleeding for 14, 15, 20 days of the month is a little (read a lot) irritating.

…And the treatment is:


Yup, pregnancy suppresses and can sometimes even eliminate endometriosis. And because we are wanting to have third baby and therefore not wanting to do anything drastic at this point in time, this seems like the least invasive, most logical form of treatment.

BUT, we’re not ready. We need a couple of months (read a year) to settle into our home, for Keatynn to grow up a little more, to start talking at least and for us to figure out what we are going to do in terms of renovating, moving Phil’s study, rooming the girls together and looking at a new car. I am in no way judging those who have smaller gaps! For us, another baby means another fertility journey…and now is too soon. But medically, now is recommended.

And so I find myself caught between a rock and a hard place. Because doing nothing about it seems silly (to say the least), living with it is annoying (to be polite) and falling pregnant could put us under a lot of unnecessary pressure. I am excited (REALLY EXCITED) for a third… but …now??


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