One Shade . Grey

It happened on the twenty-fourth of January Twenty Fifteen. The discovery of my first Grey Hair. I’m 29! This wasn’t supposed to happen for at least another seven years. Right? I am still busy thinking about nappies and milk and pregnancy tests. I can’t possibly factor hair dying into my life now as well!

But it happened. And it somehow felt like I should do something to mark this momentous occasion. You know, write the date in a book or pull the snowy culprit out and tape to a memory page somewhere. Cause that’s what we do as moms. I am clearly still very much in this mode of recording milestones in my girls lives and it seemed oddly fitting that I should do the same for this moment of maturity in my own. And so, this post was born.

Something changes when the reality of ageing hits us. We start to assess who we are and what we’ve done with our lives. Who we’d like to be and even the legacy we’d like to leave. We think about the mistakes we’ve made and the people we’ve hurt. We relive moments of joy and accomplishment.

…and as I lay awake last night pondering ALL of this, I also realised that maybe, just maybe this single silver felon is worth it. It may have come earlier than I expected, but FLIP, look at my life and all that God has orchestrated in it. Look at my family and all that HE overcame to get us here. Look at my husband and the story behind US. Look at God’s promise of eternity. Look at how our time here on earth is not ALL IT. Look at how we are passing through, growing as we go, becoming who we are meant to be and ultimately (hopefully), leaving a legacy that points to Jesus.

Perhaps, this shade of grey is something to be celebrated, no matter when it appears. Perhaps this is proof that we are alive. That we are living today, but also that we have lived so many yesterdays. And ultimately, that we are living for something that is so much more.

One thought on “One Shade . Grey

  1. Loved reading this post ! I have loads of grey hair. If I pulled them all out I would have no hair left so I have chosen another way and enjoy looking young ! x x

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