Mother’s Day : what I (really) got

The last little phase of our┬álife┬áhas been an extremely busy one. Health wise, I have had a lot going on. Work wise, Phil has had a lot going on and the girls… well they have just been their busy little selves. This recent phase has been topped off with a two week solo parenting stint which I have been dreading since I heard it was coming. Continue reading

Building Character

The first term of the school year is always one that is so full of decisions. Extra murals both in and out of school being one them. I’m sure all schools are the same now that most extra-murals are out-sourced. Tai will come home with a backpack full of brochures and enrolment forms which I will then sit with, explore, discuss and decide on whether any of them catch our interest or will benefit her in a particular way. There is a lot of thought that goes into it really. I want what is best for my children, I want them to explore new things and I want them to excel in what they are doing… as most moms do.
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