Dear Keatynn – on your first birthday

A year ago this time we were just a few hours away from meeting you. Now, you are tucked up in bed and we cant imagine what life was like without you!

You entered the world at 07:29am on June 18th, 2013. Everything about your arrival was perfect and it is all still so clearly etched into my memory.
When I lifted my head to see you for the very first time I was struck by how tiny you were (a healthy 3.0kg…but still tiny) and then by how much you resembled your sister.
My next thought was of how perfectly you suited the name we had chosen for you. You just looked like a ‘Keatynn’.
You were placed on my chest immediately, your perfect newborn-ness filling every sense of my being. It was right there in that moment that we dedicated you to our Lord Jesus. Your precious life, placed in His hands.


You loved to be held as a tiny baby and left little time for us to do anything else. We spent many hours walking, bouncing and passing you around until things eventually settled down. After this, you were a breeze. Adapting to whatever life brought your way without any fuss.

Your relationship with your Daddy began the moment you met him and has been the most beautiful thing to see. Your very first night of life was spent in his arms and that has been pretty much your favourite place to be ever since! If we are out, you are in his arms and when he comes home from work you practically leap out of mine to get to him.


You have an adventurous and fun spirit, you love to be outside and you have recently developed a ridiculously sweet love for elephants. You are always looking for something to nibble on and we often find you sitting in the pantry cupboard surrounded by cereal or even dog biscuits!
You adore your sister and she makes you giggle like no one else can!
Just one year old and you have got the most incredible sense of humor. There is not a day that goes by when you don’t make us laugh!


We have treasured this first year of life with you my Keats. We have celebrated each and every milestone with you and enjoyed each and every phase. It is an honour to call you our daughter and we feel blessed beyond what we could ever ask or think.

When I look at you my Keatsy, I see a God so full of love and promises, a beautiful God who cares for us more than we could ever imagine. A God full of life and joy. My prayer for you this year is that you would know this… As young as you are, that would know HIS love!

Love you forever my baby girl!

Mom x x x

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