Missing Home – my mini vent

So, we finally found the house of our dreams! We put in an offer, it was accepted and our bond was approved. Three months later we packed all of our goods into boxes and moved.
But, we did not move into our new home. Nope, we decided to renovate (and by renovate I mean practically tear the house down) and my Dad very graciously agreed to let us stay with him for this time.

Needless to say, we are currently living with a minuscule portion of what we own while everything else sits in storage.

Now I don’t want to come across as ungrateful. (We are renovating our dream home after all). My Dad has been incredibly accommodating while his house has been invaded by pink. My Ouma cooks the most divine dinners for us and living down the road from my mom has rocked! The girls have also gotten to know their ‘papa’ which they never really did before.
I have realized that there is so much to be grateful for and most of what I miss about living at home is not experienced by the majority of our country (wake up call)!!!

Living here has been a blessing in so many ways. I guess it’s just that after two months, I am simply missing home.
I miss silly little things the most. Like my washing machine (it washes REALLY well), a good uncapped internet connection and an inter-leading garage. I can’t wait until we each have our own cupboards again and a long hot bath… Man I miss my bath! I look forward to lengthy uninterrupted conversations with Phil once more and our pvr decoder filled with all of MY favourite shows. I miss keeping home and I even miss the grocery shopping!
Tai has had to stop ballet while we are ‘living it up’ in Benoni – it’s just too far to travel and she often misses school for the very same reason.
I miss our routine and often feel like my day holds little purpose – I know this is not truth but I still feel it!

We’ve got roughly six weeks of work left on the new place and I know it’s going to be so so worth it. The luxuries that we usually enjoy so freely are going to be that much more appreciated. Not to mention Our home… It’s going to be beautiful! It’s the place that I have been dreaming of, the place that we are making ‘HOME’, the place where my kids will create memories and where family traditions will grow. Our Home. Our very own HOME!!


This was Thursday: foundation for new scullery, bathroom walls being plastered and new shower taps going in

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