Disney On Ice – from an (ex) figure skater’s perspective

I have always been against paying (a substantial amount of money) for tickets to an ice-show. Because when you’re a figure skater, you know that its really all about the ‘show’. It’s costumes and lighting and sparkles and snow…everything a little girls dream is made of. Being Disney, means that its princesses too! It’s popcorn and slush puppie, character apparel and candy floss.

It’s all pretty grand for a four year old!! But when you’re a skater (or have been a skater) it’s a very different show to watch.

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Keatynn Turns Two : A Puppy Party

Yes, you read that correctly. Our ‘baby’ is TWO! And we threw a small puppy themed party to celebrate.

The Theme:

By the time you get down to your 6th party, choosing another girly theme starts to become tricky. We’ve done Minnie Mouse, Owls, and Ballet, we’ve had a Pink party and we have even done Puppies before. Tailei’s first birthday was a Puppy Party and it was such a hit. But because we had already done it I was hesitant to choose this theme again. …and then I realised that actually, Keatynn is a different child who is really also allowed to love puppies. That she wasn’t around for Tai’s first birthday and that because their personalities are so different, their parties would be too.

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Oral Surgery Care Package

Oral or Dental surgery is down played all the time. It is actually a really BIG deal. Far bigger than what I assumed it would be. I mean, people have their wisdoms out all the time, right? And everyone tells you it’s nothing to worry about! I have come to the conclusion that the older you get, the worse it is. And my whole post surgery experience was the worst I’ve ever had. But there are a few key things that make post surgery recovery that little bit easier. I love putting care packages together… even for myself. They can be a bit pricey, but it is my most favourite gift to give!
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Day One : Surgery & Recovery

Yesterday was the big day. Surgery day.

I’ve had a few ops before : when I was ten I had a piece of foreign body removed from my leg (which was left there when the GP incorrectly stitched me up after a skating accident). In 2009 I had a d&c after miscarriage, later that year I had a laparoscopy and between then and now I have had two caesarian sections.

So the thought of surgery didn’t really scare me.
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Managing our budget and Five Family Meals

After two or three months of struggling to make our food budget work, Phil and I decided to take an in depth look at what we were spending our money on and how we could manage things a little better. We know that we have a healthy budget and so it didn’t make sense that we were constantly scraping our pennies together and still feeling like there was never any food in the house.
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