Oral Surgery Care Package

Oral or Dental surgery is down played all the time. It is actually a really BIG deal. Far bigger than what I assumed it would be. I mean, people have their wisdoms out all the time, right? And everyone tells you it’s nothing to worry about! I have come to the conclusion that the older you get, the worse it is. And my whole post surgery experience was the worst I’ve ever had. But there are a few key things that make post surgery recovery that little bit easier. I love putting care packages together… even for myself. They can be a bit pricey, but it is my most favourite gift to give!

I also like to be prepared and although I wasn’t given any of this as a gift, I so enjoyed putting it all together in preparation for surgery day and I enjoyed it even more so after my op and during my recovery phase.

Now if someone you know is about to have oral surgery, this would really fill their love tank on surgery day:

1. Lip Balm – the kind that requires finger application. You can’t feel your mouth after surgery and so trying to apply lip balm without your finger is fairly impossible

2. Hand cream – such an easy little pick me up

3. Hydra choice – this is the nicest tasting rehydration solution. Its mild, easy to swallow and goes down well after having had a breathing tube rammed down your throat.

4. Comfy hair ties – no explanation needed

5. Straws – lots of them, the thinner they are the easier it is to manage liquid with a numb mouth… I actually used cake pop sticks and they worked like a charm

6. Nice smellies – There is nothing worse than smelling like a hospital and after oral surgery it is all you can taste as well. I couldn’t wait to wake up enough to soak in a hot bath with my new found fetish … LUSH South Africa

7. New Jammies  – New pj’s are always nice, but especially when you are feeling a little off and in need of some extra TLC

8. Magazines & Movies / Series – it’s difficult to focus on anything in depth after surgery. Magazines and movies offer easy entertainment that doesn’t require much mental effort


Eating anything was impossible while numb so focus on clear sweet liquids if you’d like to add something that tastes nice or a batch of homemade chicken soup… it really is good for the soul.


One thought on “Oral Surgery Care Package

  1. Ah well done Jen for putting this together.I will use it one day if I need work done on my teeth!!!!! I really do hope and pray that you will be healed soon soon x x

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