Top Picks For Mothers Day

I don’t think I have ever appreciated Mother’s Day for what it really is. I’m not saying that I don’t appreciate my mom… I have just never held Mothers DAY in very high regard.

But now… now I’m a mom and with that comes a new perspective on all that moms go through and all that my mom gave up…for me. I see my mom in the way I parent every day, I feel things that I am sure she felt, I hope in the same way she hoped, I dream as she too dreamt of what our kids will become. I sacrifice as she too sacrificed.

And I am filled with gratitude. A deep and heartfelt appreciation. And I believe that Mother’s absolutely need a day that is completely dedicated to them, where we consciously take the time to appreciate and honour them.

Mom, this post was originally planned to showcase some of my current favourite ‘spoil items’ but before I do that, I want to honour you and tell you that none of it went unnoticed (even though it may have seemed so at the time). You are so loved and so appreciated and we are so very grateful to still have you here with us! Thank you!!

And so, along with the deep and very real stuff…I think mom’s need some spoils too. And I think that mother’s day is the PERFECT occasion for a gift that is going to encourage and promote a little much needed ‘me time’

Here are some of my current faves: please note that this post is not sponsored in any way

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1. Coconut Body Scrub (The Body Shop)

2. Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea (The Body Shop)

3. New Pajama’s – there is NOTHING better than climbing into a fresh pair and I am obsessed with grey pj’s at the mo (Woolworths)

4. A Good Book – I’ve had my eye set on this one for a while now… *hint hint nudge nudge (Cum Books)

5. Soy candles – another recent favourite find (Wellness Warehouse)

6. Eos Lip Balm – I don’t spend money on make up… but lip balm I LOVE and I carry it everywhere I go (Hashtagawesome)

7. New slippers – because I’m loving this knitted look and they always feel like the most perfect gift… even if you already own two other pairs (Woolworths)

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