a richards update

Once again, it’s been a while since I last visited faithplusmom. A couple of months ago I really assessed whether this was something I wanted to carry on with… I asked friends on facebook, spoke to my family, gave it some thought and while the general consensus was that yes, I should do it, I really had to figure it out for myself. I had to realise why I wanted to blog and whether I was going to be upset if I couldn’t keep up with everything that hosting a ‘good blog’ entails. I had to come to the point where I am okay with ‘failing’ according to all of those standards that are put out there – or rather those that we interpret. I had to ask myself questions such as who am I trying to reach, what am I wanting to say and what is actually the purpose of putting the details of our life out there for all for you to read?

My conclusion is that while I do hope to inspire, fellowship and share through faithplusmom… I also really enjoy writing – and quite simply put, it comes down to that!

And so, we will fill in the gaps and attempt to pick it up from here …without trying to walk in anybody else’s shoes 🙂

As any family, the last six months have held enormous growth for us all…

Tailei turned FIVE (and literally grew up overnight). With 2015 ending, she has completed her entry year at gymnastics and her middle year at pre-school. We’ve seen the most incredible little sense of humour begin to emerge and her confidence has stretched along with that. Most importantly, she has asked and wondered and grasped so much of Jesus. Her current fave’s are sticker books, playing with her babies and riding her new scooter. At the moment, her career choices switch between a marine biologist and a gynaecologist. 2016 will see her through her last year of pre-school and her first year of competing as a gymnast… there is so much excitement surrounding both of these.


Keatynn has hit the 2.5 year mark. Last year was huge for her – she potty trained, started school and moved from cot to bed. She is the funniest little girl I have ever met and quite often has us rolling on the floor laughing. She LOVES to dance (even in front of a crowd), has no fear and asks us just about everyday if it’s her birthday. Her current fave foods are plain yogurt and fruit… she practically lives on these with the occasional scrambled egg thrown in there. 2016 for Keatynn brings another year with teacher Coralee, the start of dance classes and many many laughs!


If I had to sum 2015 up into one word for Phil and I, I would definitely choose ENRICHED. God used so much last year to bring us closer to Him, to work things out in us both and to bring us closer to each other. We grew within our church and finally made it a place where we both feel  we belong.


Medically, we both sorted things out that had been bugging us for years  – I can’t tell you how freeing this has been! We both had our wisdom teeth removed, I got my braces (which has not brought much freedom, yet..but it will), I found the MOST AMAZING chiropractor who has worked wonders on my back  and with the help of a lovely urologist, I finally managed to rid myself of my unrelenting and crippling UTI’s.

We also made a huge change for our family’s health this year when we cut out all sugar, refined carbs and processed foods. Under the guidance of ‘Real Food, Healthy Happy Children’ it’s been the best thing we could have done!

2015 saw me into the big 30… this was huge for me and something I was dreading – I just didn’t feel ready to be thirty. I also felt that most of what I looked forward to in adult life, I had done (basically getting married and having babies) and I couldn’t quite fathom that life would carry on after that. It sounds ridiculous, I know, but it’s what I felt. Turns out, 30 comes with a new kind of freedom and a maturity that I didn’t anticipate. 30 is lovely!!


30th celebrations at dw-eleven-13

Whats to come?

For us, 2016 is full of some big things with work, a little building project at home and later this year we will begin another journey with Medfem. We are all so excited to expand our family – the girls and Phil are all hoping we’ll add a little mister to the family soon 🙂 I am on neutral ground with this one. This week I will begin a social media management course through UCT which I am really very excited about. While I have been working in social media for years, this is the first time I will be putting something formal to my name (and my mind).

Welcome to the platform that will broadcast 2016 unfolding in the Richards household… we do hope you enjoy sharing it with us!!






3 thoughts on “a richards update

  1. So so lovely to read your blog ! Yes don’t stop ! I have loved reading each and every one that has come to my mail.Thanks Jen ! Love reading your blogs ! x x

  2. Lovely to read and get an update on how you four are doing. I have also done the social media course through UCT and really enjoyed it, so I am sure you will too. Enjoy the challenge and keep doing what you enjoy. Xx

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