Journeying with a homoeopath : the beginning

It was a little more than a year ago when my gynae prescribed a pregnancy… and we opted for the pill instead. You can read about the ins and outs of that decision here and here.

Well…. that didn’t go so well. I started off on Yaz, which made me feel nauseous and tired and had me taking pregnancy tests every week just to make sure those symptoms were actually the pill and not a little being in my belly. After three months, the spotting came back and my doctor switched me to Qlaira- which didn’t work either. Although I felt better on this pill, my cycles were all over the place. Still not happy, I went back to my gynae who then put me onto Zoely and told me that this was pretty much my last option as she wasn’t sure where to go from here.


And… it didn’t work, I was constantly tired, my mood was low and I was actually beginning to feel quite depressed. I didn’t know which way to turn – if I came off the pill, I bled for 20 days of the month and while I was on the pill, I felt like an alien. I didn’t like the idea of pumping hormones into my body – especially knowing that they were not very balanced in the first place – but, as far as I knew,  it was my best option.

Now, standing a little further outside of the circle,with a little bit more perspective and a little clearer vision…I’m thinking isn’t it funny how we feel so isolated in circumstances like this. How we feel we need to just pull up our socks and get on with it… because tons of women are on the pill and fine. Well, you know what? I really wasn’t, and you know what else… God CARES that I wasn’t! HE cares that I felt like an alien in my own skin. He cares enough that He put two amazing women in my life who continue to walk this path with me and encourage me continually.

This particular journey started when I saw Natalie Tolley from Nurture Nature Chiropractic Centre. After 14 years of skating related back pain… Natalie has fixed me 🙂 and continues to take amazing care of my very fragile back. Because Nats has such an awesome, holistic approach to healing, we spoke in detail about the issues I was having on the pill and how unhappy I was. She referred me to Dr. Bianca De Canha from Pure Health Centre….Guys, she is SO worth the drive – what a gem! It took me 3 months to make an appointment, but I eventually did, and in January this year a whole new adventure began.



I came off the Zoely immediately after seeing Bianca, and within two weeks I was starting to feel more normal. My energy was slowly returning and my mood was better, I felt as though a thick fog was lifting and I couldn’t actually believe that such a tiny little pill was making me feel so terrible!


Treatment has consisted of various vitamins & meds as well as bi-weekly needling. Changes are slow when it comes to homoeopathic treatment but it is so rewarding when you do start to see them. I am learning to listen to my body and properly assess the situation before just popping a pain killer. I am learning to respect my body and what it needs and I have enjoyed nurturing it rather than expecting it to function and heal on chemicals. I have marvelled at our Creator and all that He has created us to be. I marvel at how much He cares about the little details in our day to day life, the way He works things out and mostly at the way it all points back to Him. At the end of the day, no matter which method of treatment I choose, He is my ultimate healer and I praise and thank Him for the good work He is doing and for the beautiful people He is using to do it.

Where to from here?

Mentally and emotionally I am ready for baby three, but my body is not… and neither is Phil. So we’re actually in quite a sweet spot at the moment as there is no rush. I will continue with treatment under Bianca’s incredible care and we’ll keep praying and praising and reassess later in the year / when the hormones are behaving. It’s been a year of trial and discovery and a whole lot of NEW. But I undoubtedly believe that this journey is the right one for us and it is one that I’m enjoying.





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