another beautiful beginning

Baby three has been on (and off) the cards for ages. I’ve blogged about it, and spoken about it, we’ve gone back and forth, we’ve been ready and then not. I’ve been ready when Phil hasn’t and he’s been keen when I haven’t.

But, the time is now… It’s time for another beautiful beginning.

For us, anything unplanned has never been an option, and not only because we are both so OCD inclined –  the risk is just too high. Over the last couple of years, we have done everything we can to protect ourselves from another loss. My doctor has said that things can change and because we have had two successful pregnancies there is a chance the next could be just fine. For us, the responsibility  of that ‘could be’ feels too big.


We trust God with everything we are for a healthy, full term pregnancy and we believe that He has given us modern technology and medicine to help us sustain a pregnancy. I believe that God’s intervention in any physical difficulty should be sought. He does not promise that He will answer the way we always want, but we have the assurance that all He does will be done in love and thus in our best interest. At this point, flying solo just seems unwise and almost like it would be choosing not to use the amazing resources that He has provided.

Please hear me when I say that I believe this is the right journey for us and that this is the way God is working things out in us and for us. A fertility journey is an emotional, complex and very personal thing and it’s something that looks very different for many people. I am not saying that this is THE way, I am simply saying that we are moving forward, in faith, continually seeking Him and knowing that ultimately, this child is His. If you are on your own fertility journey, I urge you to pray and seek Him and His will for your story.


Journey to bump

Now that we are all on the same page and feeling a lot of excitement, the process can officially begin.

Pregnancy supplements will begin next week, then in two weeks time I will see my gynae for a check-up. From there (on September 8th to be exact) we will see Dr Rodrigues at Medfem. If it’s anything like the last time, we will most likely start with blood tests, scans and a dose of glucophage to get the ball rolling. With both our girls (and the babies we lost) I have fallen pregnant very easily, it’s been the ‘hanging on to it’ part that we’ve battled with, so the pre-pregnancy stuff is pretty straightforward and more just a case of making sure everything is in a good place. I’m excited for all of it – there is a lot of comfort that comes with familiarity and it is wonderful to be going back to doctors that I know and were such a big part of my previous pregnancies and losses. 

Hopefully, we will have some happy news in posts to come. Thank you for joining us, praying for us and encouraging us on this wonderfully exciting journey.

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3 thoughts on “another beautiful beginning

  1. So wonderful to read your blog ! As always I love reading what you write . Praying with you and for you and trusting with you all as a family ! Loads of love as you start this wonderful journey again 😘😘😘😘

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