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I am so excited to announce faithplusmom’s very first GIVEAWAY! In the last couple of weeks God has really stirred me to spend more time over here with all of you and I really am thrilled to be kicking it off with this amazing feature.

Now some of you may or may not know that I spend much of my time researching, writing about, looking at and interrogating modern kitchens and their appliances. I’m married to a kitchen guy and so I find it rather funny that this would be the first giveaway that we host over here.

In honour of our Mom’s, the women who held it all together, the women who made it all okay, to those who unveiled a strength that went beyond what we could even perceive until we tried this motherhood thing ourselves. To those who continue to shed strength, compassion and love, not only by what you do now, but by what you did for so many years while we were young. Memories speak volumes and we salute you for each and every one of them.

I have a very vivid picture of my mom standing at the kitchen sink, washing dishes and crying – I must have been 6 or 7 years old at the time. A couple of minutes later, my Dad sat down with us and explained that Mom was merely feeling overwhelmed and perhaps we could think about how we could help her out that day to make things easier.


I don’t know why this memory has stuck with me so vividly and for so long but it is one that has spoken to me on many occasions. I’m not sure my mom even remembers it (she had three young children at the time so probably not). But, it is one that has encouraged me on the difficult days and it’s made all that my mom did for us that much greater. It’s made things real – she faced the same things I face, she felt overwhelmed, she cried, and she needed help. She got to the point where washing dishes and crying felt like the most logical thing to do – haven’t we all been there. Who knew, that 25 years down the line, that very moment would speak volumes into her daughter’s life again and again and again.


Thank you mom for being so vulnerable, for clearly giving us everything you had and have to give. Thank you for displaying such strength in a moment that may have felt so weak. Thank you for guiding me and teaching me and for being one of the biggest influences in how I mother my girls today. Words are never enough… but THANK YOU!

Now for the fun bit

Grundig Appliances began in 1946 with a simple radio, today they offer a range of modern, highly efficient and technologically advanced products throughout Europe (and South Africa).

GEBM_25000_B_12 OVEN

Today Grundig are giving away a culinary experience to one lucky reader taking place at the Johannesburg Culinary and Pastry School plus the chance of winning a top of the range Grundig integrated oven valued at R8900.00

To enter, simply comment below telling me who your ‘mother of the year’ is and why.

Competition Rules

  • This competition is open to Gauteng residents only
  • The competion will close at midnight on Thursday 1 June. The winner will be announced and notified on Friday 2 June.






6 thoughts on “Win with Grundig

  1. Wendy Jane Chong is my mother of the year,
    I love the way she allows her daughter Mila and her son Finn, just to be who they are without all the rule’s, to watch Mila bake a cake with her recipe and her mess and it becomes her cake.
    Finn to discover with his mess in his way,

    A mother who is free and does not took at the mess, enjoys the moment.

  2. So beautiful to read your post about your mom. And you are about to have your No 3.Awesome pics too Jen.Thanks for sharing .
    Won’t enter the competition. Cape Town no where near Gauteng.Enjoy and look forward to hear who wins.
    LOL to you all x x x x and x

  3. My ‘mother of the year’ is my own. She was a devoted mom to four girls and taught us heaps about being compassionate & loving other people. We had a wonderful, imperfect, (sometimes crazy) life growing up. She has always encouraged us to go for our dreams and has been there for us as we got married and now have our own children. She has built an incredible legacy through loving other’s selflessly and extravagantly, and taught me what a significant role we play as mom’s.

  4. My mother of the year would always be my mom!! She sacrificed everything to make sure the 4 children she bore and the more than a dozen she fostered had all to succeed! She made sure we were trained and brought up in the way of the Lord even when we told her we “hated” her because which mean mom makes their kids do house work when there is a domestic! Well that was my mama, she was happy for us to “hate” her just so we turned out right! And the one thing she always told us as we ventured out in the world was “remember the child of who you are”. My mom who would slave away on a kerosene stove cooking for 10 people even though we were a family of 6, because she knew my brother’s friends would come over to “visit” just at dinner time 🙂

  5. My mom of the year would be my sister in law, Belinda. She has 2 boys: Christopher 14 and Matthew 12. Christopher started high school at KES this year, including boarding at the school. This was a massive and diffcult decision but a decision made in the best interest of her son because he is a very talented sportsman. Despite the fact that he is now a boarder at Kes, Christopher maintains the full support of his mom at every game he plays. She travels up and down to take him to physio during the week if he needs and is always cheering and proud of her boy. Above this, Matthew her younger son has Down Syndrome and she is just as involved in his life as with Chris. They run a special needs school from their property in Benoni and they are full on committed to this cause, not only for her own son but to the many kids that attend the school, who really have become a part of her mommy heart. She is a mommy to many. And watching her embrace this challenging year as she has definitely gets my recognition as mom of the year 🙂

  6. My Mom of the year is most definitely my own mother. She is an incredible woman and an amazing mother to my brother and I, as well as an awesome grandmother to my two little ones. If I think back to all my best childhood memories, she most definitely features in all of them. She gave us her time and love selflessly and I have no doubt that she made many sacrifices to put our needs and her family first, always!
    She taught me how to be a great mother and all my best qualities I have because of her. She is strong, kind, patient, caring, loyal, honest, hardworking, dedicated, loving …………….. the list goes on and on.
    She is truely one in a million and I am so thankful to be able to call her ‘MOM’

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