Baby Three… Coming September 2017

The end of last year was a little mad to be honest. We had birthdays, school functions, gymnastics functions, work deadlines, church meetings, new school stuff to organize and a baby journey all happening at once. I was exhausted and probably the most stressed I have ever felt…ever!

When December came and we took some time off, we actually decided to put our journey to baby three ‘on hold’ for the month before picking it up again in January. We needed to relax and enjoy spending some time together as a family. My meds, scans and shots would have fallen right over Christmas and I was quite happy to give that up and all that went along with it for the month. We also knew that if it was God’s will, anything could happen, meds or no meds.

In preparation I bought myself a pack of clear blue digital ovulation tests (the only ovulation tests worth buying in my opinion) just so that we had an idea of what (if anything) was happening . I started testing on day 12… negative, day 13… negative, day 14… low and behold, the test presented us with a smiley little face. I was so excited – not only because I was ovulating but also because it was within a very normal time frame and because it had happened without the help of any meds.


29 December 2016

I really didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself and so, for the next two weeks I paid as little attention as possible to what my body was feeling. I have too often read into every little niggle and somehow managed to convince myself that I was pregnant when I was not.

But you see, once you have experienced a few pregnancies (up until this point it had been 5 including our losses) you become familiar with how it feels. By Saturday 7 January I felt my first little bit of queasiness, I had also had a few unexplained headaches and to put it plainly, I was just FEELING pregnant. I had two clear blue pregnancy tests in the bathroom drawer and after much debate, by Saturday afternoon, I couldn’t wait any longer. I took the test.

Three minutes later I was squinting into a tiny little test window, holding it up to the light, turning it this way and that… basically just trying exceptionally hard to find a second line. I was convinced it was there, but at the same time I knew that I should have just waited until the morning. The tests all say TAKE THE TEST FIRST THING IN THE MORNING FOR MORE ACCURATE RESULTS.

On Sunday morning Phil had gone off to church earlier than us for a prayer meeting so I had some time to take and scrutinize another test.

Well, I didn’t even have to wait the full three minutes. There was DEFINITELY a line and it was there straight away.


Sunday 8 January 2017

I decided I would stop on our way home from church to pick up a digital test. I always feel those are a little less likely to present anything false and I thought that if there was even a hint of a line on this test, the digital one would give far more clarity . Nope, turns out that’s not true. The digital test decided to confuse us with a very clear ‘NOT PREGNANT’.


Obviously I didn’t believe it, but I decided to wait two days before testing again and heading off to medfem for bloods.


3 weeks 3 days | clear blue urine test and medfem blood test

At just 3 weeks and 3 days pregnant we had confirmation with a couple of positive tests and new regime of meds.

I am pregnant and baby three will be arriving in Spring 2017.


4 thoughts on “Baby Three… Coming September 2017

  1. Just love,love,love your blogs and this of course is such an awesome one.Wow so super to read and super ,super exciting.Have already put the date in my diary and as January is already done and dusted we are well on our way to September.
    Super excited to find out more about this little person in time to come and praying that you will have a wonderful pregnancy Jen. Thanks for the blog and lots of love and hugs and take care x x

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