Worlds Okayest Mom

I saw this mug on Pinterest a while ago, and boy… this week it belongs to me!!


I am ashamed to admit that I have not parented out of love this week – my reactions have stemmed from frustration and exhaustion. To be honest I have acted somewhat like a toddler in the way I have parented Tai. She seemed to be having a particularly ‘whiney’ week – when she moaned I moaned, when she cried I shouted, and when she wet her pants (yup, 5 months in we are still ‘potty training’) I let her know just how unhappy I was about it. It hurts to even type these words, but at the same time I am so thankful for the fact that I am now sitting on the other side of the fence with a great big dose of perspective!

Yesterday, I googled something about my toddler still wetting her pants (I was at my wits end) and one single line that I read broke everything! ‘Respond gently if your child is wet even if you feel angry; they do not want it to happen either’. Now while I knew this in my head, my heart had forgotten it. So I asked Tai: ‘Tai, is it nice for you to wet your pants? Do you like it?’ and she responded ‘No, it’s very yucky and stinky, I want to wee in the toilet’. My heart broke for her and I suddenly realised that she needed my help, that I still need to be teaching her how to do this properly, that this is a real battle for her and that getting angry with her really isn’t going to help her. 

The conversation that followed is one that I want to remember for the rest of my life! I apologized for getting angry, I told her we were a team and that I was going to help her to get this right. And right there and then it was like someone cracked a very hard shell that had surrounded both her and I the entire week – she responded so positively, the whining that had been going on all week stopped and my frustrations fell off me like a ton of bricks. Suddenly, my role as her Mom was re-established and we were working together again rather than against each other.

I love being your Mommy Tailei! And I want more than anything to serve you and to teach you how to be an upstanding, God fearing adult. I truly am sorry for not always setting a great example for you but God is teaching me just as He is teaching you and I know that if we are seeking Him with all that we are, He will never forsake us. He is SO faithful and this week has been such a testimony of that! Keep your heart open to Him working in you my Angel…. and I will too!

3 thoughts on “Worlds Okayest Mom

  1. Jen you are so beautiful and through all you go through you are teaching your girl the best lesson in life that of being honest and open and leading to Jesus.Wow thanks Jen for sharing this but mostly for your beautiful submission to Jesus.I am so blessed every time I read another one of your stories.

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