Tai Turns Three

Yesterday was spent celebrating Tailei’s third birthday. A whole three years that we have been able to love, care and pray for this little treasure! And what a journey it has been!The last three years have been the busiest three years of my life. My patience has been tested beyond what I ever thought possible and my heart has broken a million times over as I have watched my little girl learn the first of her lessons in this life that we are living. I have kissed those sweet cheeks goodnight around 1090 times and woken up to that pretty little smile each morning … I could not be more blessed!!
This year we have seen Tai grow in leaps and bounds as she started the year at school. We have watched her confidence escalate enormously as she has begun to interact with her peers and we have thoroughly enjoyed observing a very gentle and sensitive little personality emerge. We have been astonished as we watched her slot right into her role as ‘Big Sister’.
It’s been a big year for you my Tai, and you have taken it all in your stride! We could not be more proud of you, you have lost your nappies, moved from cot to bed and you have gone from being my baby to being my little girl. I love the conversations we have after school, I love how you are desperately trying to grasp the enormity of Jesus. I love how you love your little sister and constantly ask me for another one. I love your girlyness and everything that goes along with it. I love how you so freely share cuddles and kisses 🙂
I love you for who you are and for all that Jesus has made you to be! Seek Him always my Angel!

And now, in light of you turning three and this very big year you have had… This what we did to celebrate:
This year (the first year you have really had any say in what kind of party you have) you chose to have a PINK PARTY.
We invited all of you grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins and then we asked you to choose 3 friends that you would like to invite – you chose Bella, Hannah and James.
We hired the most amazing pink jumping castle (for the whole weekend) and made a lot of pink princess food (the breakfast kind)
You had a ball and asked that same night if you could please have another party for your birthday… And so, you are now planning your 4th birthday party (and I am starting to save for it 😉
Have an amazing year of being 3 my firstborn princess!









4 thoughts on “Tai Turns Three

  1. Happy birthday to our precious godchild! We love you!!

    Jen, you write beautifully and your writing reflects your precious, gentle spirit! Praising Jesus for all He has done, is doing and will continue to do in your life! Love you lots buddy 🙂

  2. Oh wow this is so lovely to read. Another fabulous article from you Jen.Oh dear I really missed a very special party.Why can’t you all live in Cape Town?? Loads of blessings to the 4 of you.You are an awesome family so gentle and beautiful. Loads of love and hugs x x x x

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