Homeschooling… why!

Home schooling is something that Phil and I have spoken about for a while now. The thought originally occurred simply because we did not like the idea of conforming to school rules and timetables. In recent conversations, this is still a huge perk, but it certainly is not our biggest magnet.

We have looked at and considered government schools in our area, and while great schools exist we do not feel that this is the best option for our girls. I personally do not like the enormous class sizes – I know that many kids flourish in government schools, but this is personal. I want my children to be treated individually, I want the people who are influencing them  to really know who they are and to take the time to deal with what they are going through.

We looked at private schooling too and while we loved many of the private schools out there, we simply cannot afford the lifestyle that goes along with sending your kids to private schools – my girls will always be the girls who cannot afford to go on extravagant field trips, who cannot wear the clothes that other kids are wearing, they will always be left out simply because all of what we have is being scraped together for school fees alone.

And that left us with home schooling… there are many reasons we love the idea of home schooling, but the strongest pull that we have at the moment is the curriculum we would like to follow. Love To Learn is completely Christ centred and biblically based. Did you know that only 9% of people who call themselves ‘Christians’ actually take Jesus into consideration when making a decision?! … now that could be an entire post on it’s own so for now we will just stick to schooling… we want to build our girls framework around Him and His Word and we feel that schooling is one of the very best ways to do this. We really want to bring our girls up considering Jesus and His plans for them. We want to shape their minds biblically.

‘For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord…’  Jerimiah 29v11

Now of course I do have a few concerns when it comes to home schooling… like losing a substantial amount of ‘Me time’, the mother-daughter relationship I share with my girls and how this might be affected by becoming their ‘teacher’ and then just the amount of effort and energy that this is going to take. Being with my girls 24/7 (that sounds terrible, but it’s true) Do I have what it takes? Is this really going to be the best thing for them?

It feels like the answer should be obvious… bringing our girls up in the way of the Lord is one of the biggest callings on my life, it is one of the most important things that I can do as their mom and if this all works out I honestly believe that it will be one the most influential aspects of their life… but it’s STILL daunting and I still doubt whether I will be able to do it or not. It’s a biggie and I am needing all the wisdom I can possibly get! I need to a be 2000% sure about this before we venture into it because there are bound to be tough days… and on those tough days, I need to know for sure why we chose to go this route.

4 thoughts on “Homeschooling… why!

  1. I am so happy to have found you delightful blog. I relate to your concerns about the public schools not treating my child on an individual basis. Currently, we enrolled our daughter to do school virtually however next year we may consider homeschooling altogether, our main reason is purely academic. I do not want my daughter to be pushed into a class that she does not have the skills to be successful. I believe she has weaknesses and strengths that need to be taken into consideration. So that is why we may consider this as an option. Thank you for letting me share, Allie.

  2. Fabulous article once again Jen. Love reading what you write.
    I guess a few chats with parents who are home schooling successfully will help. Also going to a Love to Learn Seminar at some stage will be interesting as you can ask loads of questions and hear the thoughts behind home schooling.The Love to Learn curriculum is so well put together in such a way that it leads you every step of the way and takes all fear out of wandering if you are giving your child a good education. Teegan has done so well on it and now Jaytn is loving it to bits and says he loves school. What a change from all the stress he went through. Praying along with you on this decision to be made eventually.LOL x x

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