Phil & Jenn – the story of how we met

Phil tells this story way better than I ever could! In fact, he could probably write a book on it. But I’ll give it my best shot right here…

After struggling for years with bulimia and finally admitting to myself that things were out of control, that I could not fix anything on my own, I started seeing a group of doctors who helped me. One of those, my dieititian was Kath Megaw.

Kath invited me to spend a night at her place one Friday (9 February 2007) as I was just not coping at home. I needed some space to breathe, to see things in a new light. I needed to be able to share a meal with someone who really understood what I was feeling and how difficult things were for me. Little did I know that in this time of extreme exhaustion and despair, I would meet my husband!

Phil is Kath’s little brother and was living in a log cabin on her property at the time, he also just happened to be home sick that day – otherwise we would never have met. Kath introduced us that afternoon and day gradually became a very pleasant evening. I can so clearly remember lying in bed that night thinking ‘I can’t believe I’m never going to see him again!’

The next day I went back home for the weekend to prepare for my admission to Tara hospital on Monday morning, thinking little of the night before and trying to put all me energy into getting better.

Phil however felt compelled to read a book that I had left behind about a woman who successfully overcame bulimia. This was him trying to understand more about what I was going through. If he was telling you this story he would tell you exactly how he sheepishly hid in the corner of the garden hoping that no one would discover what he was reading 😉 And that which followed was all Jesus orchestrating our beautiful love story…

In the days that followed Phil spent hours on his knees fasting and praying for me. He put all of his time and energy into seeking God with all he was..for me. He always says that by the end of such an intense week he felt like he was either going to marry me or that all of this was just some sick joke – he had become so emotionally invested in me and what I was going through. He sent words and pictures of encouragement to me (via Kath) and a few weeks later, after some match making on Kath’s part and while I was still on bed rest in Tara, he came to visit baring pink roses and a handsome smile. …I was in love!!

He visited with every chance he got. We spent hours talking about everything we possibly could in the beautiful Tara gardens (of all places). Our relationship started in the most real place – it was built on prayer and  there was nothing to hide. After about three weeks, I knew that this was the man I wanted to marry!

Our relationship grew from strength to strength. In July 2007 we got engaged and exactly one year from the day we met – 9 February 2008 – we were married.


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