a little heart to heart

Gosh, I disappeared there for a (long) bit. Adding baby number three to our family rocked my world and at one point, I wasn’t sure I would ever be the same again (I probably wont be, but I’m okay with that now). At first I thought it was merely the traumatic beginning we had gone through that I had to get over, but in all honesty, it has just taken me this long to find my feet again.

Leevi has been an easy baby (possibly our easiest) but the busyness of three was somewhat underestimated by me. Don’t get me wrong, having three has been incredible and we know it was absolutely the right thing for us and our family. I adore our bigger family and would happily add a fourth if I could. But, having two older and very independent children before diving back into the baby phase shook me a little more than I would have liked, and for someone who is usually very organised and detailed it was difficult for me to feel like I wasn’t coping.

There was other stuff too, I can’t blame it all on the baby – last year, for various reasons was tough. Emotionally, spiritually and physically, I was spent.

A lot has happened in the year we’ve been MIA. God is so kind in how he has guided us and worked in our hearts. He has been so faithful to His promises for us, it has been a wonderful thing to fully absorb His everlasting love and to rest in His perfect peace. A couple of months ago, I stood on an empty beach in the Eastern Cape and clearly felt God saying that He would rescue us. That He would (without going into too much detail) pull us out of the ‘ditch’ we were in and that He would set us in the place He wants us to be.


God has humbled us and grown us in ways we never imagined He would, we have seen our children seek Him and grow in His ways and He has uprooted us as a family and set aside a new place for us to call home (if you missed it over on social media… we’re moving!!)… and I will write about it very soon.

After so much time off, sharing very minimally on social media and nothing at all over here, I found myself once again questioning whether this little space I call my blog is a valid space at all. Whether I really have anything to offer you, my readers, whether blogging in 2019 is still relevant and whether it was something I could fully commit to and keep up with.

And well, here I am – not because I have any solid answers to those questions… more because God has given me a heart to share, He has given me a love for writing and a love for women in community. He has put an incredible love in my heart for mothers, for helping, supporting and inspiring them. For too long, I have lived outside of that and well, I guess this is me stepping back in. I hope you’ll join me for the ride.


3 thoughts on “a little heart to heart

  1. So nice to read your blog again Jen ! I enjoy getting these updates from you ! Life is a journey and when we get through the difficult patches we can actually be quite thankful from learning through these journey’s especially if they bring us closer to Jesus ! So dont give up blogging ! You write so well ! Exciting about your heart for woman being activated ! Where you are going you will be used !

  2. Friend,
    I rejoice with you God is so faithful.

    I love to read your blog I have missed it, keep going you are an encourager,

    Sending lots of love

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