Thoughts at 36 weeks

I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and I am enormously grateful to have made it this far. The last few weeks have been brutal, my body is taking strain and I have had to be extremely conscious of taking things easy. Phil and the girls have been so gracious in this time, picking things up where they have had to and taking on tasks that they may never have done before. There is a beautiful sense of anticipation filling our home at the moment and I can’t help but enjoy these last moments of knowing that a whole new little person is about to join our family, but not yet knowing who he is or what he looks like – there is something so precious about this time and I think that third time around, we are able to enjoy it that much more.

Our girls lives have already changed drastically and I am so proud of how they have taken on their new roles, moved into a room together with no hassles and generally just adjusted as they prepare to meet their little brother. I know it is going to be a massive change for them once he comes, but I find comfort in knowing that God has made them to be big sisters to this little boy and I believe with all my hear that he will equip them to be all that He has meant for them to be in this role – and that He will equip us as parents to lead, guide and love them as they step into it. He has known from the  beginning of time that this would be our family – it is so wonderful to know that not only is He with us but that this is part of His Story. Somehow, everything becomes less daunting when we realize that.


As of yesterday, baby’s room is ready and our hospital bags are packed. Having both of these things done has brought a great amount of relief and I finally feel like we are good to go (though I would appreciate at least one more week of baking this bun). We have gone with a mountain / woodland theme and I am so thrilled with how it has all come together. I love that this space so beautifully hosts and sense of boldness and tranquility at the same time – it’s perfect!


For those wondering, the wall was painted (mostly by my mom) using plascon architectural greys, the rocking chair has been passed down for many years and the furniture (including that gorgeous shelf) was handcrafted by my Dad – I too often forget how talented he is and how lucky I am to be able to send him my crazy ideas which he happily turns into masterpieces such as those. The ‘lets build a fort’ cushion was a Wish purchase and the change mat cover was made by First Fruits Ballito – I have never felt something so soft! The quality is magnificent and after searching high and low for something other than the blue, green or white that is so readily available in our baby stores, I was extremely grateful that they were so happy to help!

IMG_0480I am still pretty much living off of strawberries, not so much peanut butter anymore and my appetite is much to be desired. I am nauseous a lot of the day and I have gone completely off meat (dinners are a challenge). I am loving cereal (particularly cooked oats) and I am thirsty ALL THE TIME. Other strange symptoms include watery eyes, which is something I haven’t struggled with in past pregnancies and amazing skin – with the girls I broke out all the time. This time, my skin has been even and soft… so it’s not all bad.

Today, after a couple of mild contractions and a lot of pressure over the weekend, I was a given a third dose of steroid shots to help develop baby’s lungs. These usually result in a sleepless night – so I’m gearing up for a productive night ahead.

We have just ONE more doctor’s visits before the big day and I am constantly caught between wishing the days away (simply because I am so uncomfortable) and hanging on to every moment I still get to be pregnant. The thought of having a little boy in my arms is sometimes quite foreign and a little surreal, I am both excited and nervous and sometimes rather terrified of what is to come. But there are two things amongst the unknown that I know for sure. 1. I am utterly in love with this little guy and every ounce of me can’t wait to meet him and 2. this is God’s plan, just as He made our girls to be sisters, He has purposed me to be this little boy’s mom… and I could not be more honoured to step into that role.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts at 36 weeks

  1. Ah man o man ! Just about ready to enter this big wide world and coming into a beautiful family.What an awesome room you have created for him .It looks so calm ! Beauitiful.Enjoy the last few days. x x

  2. Ah, Jenn, his room looks amazing! Well done 🙂 thank you so much for your kind words about the changing mat. Hope you manage to get some good rest before baby arrives. Can’t wait to see some pics of the little man.

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