Breaking the ice and becoming godparents

So here we are… my very first post on my very own blog! In truth… a few sections are still looking a little bare but we’ll get there – for now I am just really happy to be up and running and sharing a little of my life, my thoughts and my experiences with whomever would like to read them.

It’s an exciting night in the Richards household! Well, it’s exciting for me – Phil hasn’t thought about it much and the girls are a little too young to understand (Tai would be bouncing off the walls if she knew more about it) but tomorrow we are going to become godparents for the second time! Tomorrow a little life is going to enter this world and we have the absolute privilege of loving, praying for and blessing this little person! Aside from the birth of my girls, I have NEVER felt this excited to meet a new baby!

And so little one (I think you’re a boy, but it seems most people including your mommy and daddy think you might be a little girl) tonight we pray that all goes well tomorrow, that you will be born healthy and strong and that your mommy will recover well from the birth. We pray too that your first few days of life will be filled with peace from your loving Father and that His love would be so prevalent in your life from the very beginning…as little as you are. We love you so much and we truly cannot wait to meet you!!


2 thoughts on “Breaking the ice and becoming godparents

  1. Absolutely fabulous Jen. Love what you wrote and congrats for being chosen to be godparents to the new little boy just born.What an honour and blessing.Love your blogspot . LOL x x

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