26 weeks

Can you believe it? 26 Weeks! For most people a pregnancy goes by at a more rapid rate when it’s not your own. FYI, it does the same when it is your own and it’s your third. Honestly, I have days when I forget about this little being growing inside me and it’s only when I eventually sit down in the evenings that he really makes his presence known.

The first 18-20 weeks were pretty awful. They left me completely exhausted, often man down with a headache and extremely nauseous. But I think the worst of it was the guilt. This time around I had a fully functioning family to look after and I so often felt as though I was failing them. They were all so gracious and understanding but so much of their life suffered and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t keep up.

As hard as those early weeks were, they were also filled with much excitement and awe as we watched this little person grow from a butter bean into what is now a fully formed BABY. One of the best things about being with a fertility specialist is the many scans we got to have in those early weeks – the transformation from week to week is incredible and I feel so blessed to have seen God’s hand at work with each and every scan we have had.

Week 12 & 16 revealed the GENDER of our baby and for those who may not know, we are thrilled to be adding a little BOY  to our clan (even the girls were hoping for a brother).

Week 16 also saw us graduating from the care of our fertility specialist and moving across to our regular gynae. Each phase has been so incredibly special but we really have enjoyed being back here, my doc is taking great care of me (as she always has) but she has also made it a real experience for the girls and especially for Tai.

I think that one of the biggest and best differences in this pregnancy has been that the girls have being so involved in it all – we have so enjoyed sharing this experience with them, celebrating with them and of course baby shopping with them in tow.  Their excitement is so evident as they count down the sleeps to our next scan and anticipate their baby brother’s arrival.

In the past couple of weeks things have begun to feel very real. We have settled on a name, our travel system has arrived and we have begun to shift things around our home to make space for a whole new little person. We have booked our hospital bed and set a date – my doctor is a little hesitant that we will make it to said date but we have set it none the less. I have also started to gather what we need for our hospital bags which I am so excited to pack!


17 Weeks

We are currently just two weeks away from the third trimester. My belly is beginning to ‘get in the way’, braxton hicks are making the occasional appearance, heartburn is soaring and I am feeling lots of lovely movement from my boy (especially in the evenings or if I wake during the night). My back and pelvis have held up better in this pregnancy than any of the others and  although I do feel tired by the end of the day, my energy levels are relatively good.

Most consistent craving: peanut butter & strawberries – not necessarily together

Fave pamper product: omg nu mama body butter (more to come on this)

Most used preggy products: maternity jeans from H&M and my belly bottle (more to come on this as well)

Best advice received: It’s a toss between rotating over the counter heartburn meds (for some reason they work better when you mix them up a little) and being reminded that we are raising a young family – to consider the family as whole and to make decisions based on what works for and best serves all of us.

Fave baby buy so far: The last time we properly shopped for a baby was 7 years ago and so much has changed since then. There is a plethora of brand new products on the market but also a wonderful sense of knowing what we really need / like this time around. Taglets have been a big part of both of our girls lives so for that reason and after much searching, I think that I am most excited about these sweet burt’s bee’s taglets I found for him.


Still on the wishlist: There are a couple of basics but mostly, I am hoping to purchase a sleepyhead pod before he arrives. If you don’t yet know what that is, you can check them out here. I am also searching for a couple of great nursing bra’s… I’ll keep you posted on those.

Fave preggy moment: at 20 weeks we had a specialist scan with a fetal doctor in Pretoria. The entire scan was amazing but the best part was being unexpectedly treated to this little 4D image of our gorgeous guy


Most looking forward to: there is so much I am looking forward to this month, school holidays, a little break away, getting baby’s room ready and our 4D scan are the first that come to mind.

Baby’s name is: a secret

Thank you for taking the time to check in and see how we’re doing 🙂 until next time, be blessed